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Fund Recipients

Some of Our Funded Animals

Our First Funded Recipient


In late December 2018, Mocha was found running southbound on the inside shoulder of the northbound lanes on Highway 57 in Southern California. She was visibly terrified as several people attempted to help her to safety. Unfortunately, she was hit by a car as she tried to cross back across the highway.

Thankfully, she was still mobile and a good Samaritan was able to get her into their car. On their way home for the day, Mark and Colleen watched the entire scenario unfold. They told the person who captured her that they would take her to the animal hospital where Colleen worked.

After 3 days in the hospital, multiple procedures and treatments, Mocha was able to go home to recuperate with Mark and Colleen. They spent a week trying to find her owners through various online missing pet services, Mocha's owner was finally found! The family had just moved into the area that weekend and Mocha was nervous about her new home. She managed to escape the yard and somehow made it onto the highway. Mocha was reunited with her family on Christmas eve, just in time for the holidays. What a great first success story!

Mocha the dog looking a bit nervous in front of a patio door

An Amazing Dog, an Amazing Owner, and an Amazing Friend


Trouble was a dog owned by a woman who had fallen on hard times. Recently homeless, she depended on Trouble to protect her day and night. A lovely woman named Lesley, who worked in the area where Trouble's owner frequently visited, befriended the pair.

Over the months they often spoke about their mutual love of dogs. When Trouble became sick, Lesley helped the owner find a veterinarian. They discovered that Trouble had cancer of the kidney. On behalf of Trouble's owner, Lesley reached out to The Gus and Buddy Fund for financial support. Together, Lesley and The Gus and Buddy Fund were able to provide the financial support neccessary to cover the costs of surgery for Trouble.

Trouble wearing sunglasses on a blanket outside

The Problem with Male Cats


Indoor male cats often experience difficulty urinating, an unfortunate and painful experience that can occur for a variety of reasons. When this problem started to affect Gracie, his owners were not sure what to do. As much as they loved Gracie, paying for the surgery he required seemed impossibly out of reach.

Gracie had caught the heart of a fellow veterinarian and friend of The Gus and Buddy Fund. The veterinarian asked if we could help. We worked with Gracie's family to settle on an amount that they could afford while we covered the remaining balance.

The surgery was a success. Gracie pulled through and was back home with his family two days later. Along with a few dietary changes, Gracie is now living his best life!

Picture coming soon!